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TSR Concrete Coatings offers epoxies, urethanes, polyureas, and polyaspartics floor coating systems that are designed for garage floors and concrete applications.

TSR Concrete Coatings

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When it comes to making improvements, the concrete spaces in a home or business are often ignored—but our concrete coating company makes it fast and affordable to protect and beautify these spaces. TSR Concrete Coatings uses premium materials and delivers expert workmanship for both indoor concrete coating and outdoor concrete coating projects.

Concrete Floor Coating Options for Your Home or Business

Garage floor coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

Have you researched garage floor finishes in a quest to find a product that is stylish, durable, and easy to maintain? Look no further! We install the best garage floor coating products, and our coatings are able to easily withstand heavy traffic, dropped tools, and other common hazards.

Basement floor coatings

Basement Floor Coatings

Whether your garage is a finished space or the spot where you store holiday decorations, it’s important to protect your concrete basement floor. Some try basement floor paint only to discover that’s a short-term solution that requires constant maintenance. Instead, we provide a solution that will last for years.

Patio floor coatings

Patio Floor Coatings

Make the most of your outdoor living areas with beautiful concrete patio coatings. You’ll have your choice of dozens of colors, so it’s easy to find a look that complements your home. Enjoy the benefits of the ultra-durable, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant finish.

Pool Deck coatings

Pool Deck Coatings

Looking for pool deck ideas? Our coatings are the perfect option for pool deck resurfacing, as they are durable and chemical-resistant. They also offer a textured surface for enhanced slip-resistance—which is great for wet little feet.

Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial Floor Coatings

S11全球总决赛官方入口From kitchens and warehouses to retail stores and salons, we offer commercial concrete floor coatings for any space. We can handle projects of any size and deliver even color and impressive durability.

Concrete Lifting

Sinking concrete? Don’t settle for the services of unknown concrete lifting companies. Instead, choose the proven expertise of TSR Concrete Coatings. We use concrete lifting foam and other methods to restore the structural integrity of your home or commercial property.

About TSR Concrete Coatings

Why Trust TSR Concrete Coatings For Your Next Concrete Coating Project?

Advanced Chemical Formulas

Our company leadership and individual installers bring more than 50 years of combined experience to benefit your project.

Highly Skilled Technicians

We work with trained employees who share our company commitment to exceptional floor coatings and on-time, hassle-free service.

Single-Day Floor Coatings

S11全球总决赛官方入口The days of slow, expensive floor coatings are over. From epoxy to polyurea, we can finish nearly any coating in a single day.

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Financing Options that Make TSR Concrete Coatings Attainable for Everyone

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