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Expert Concrete Lifting Services

Has your concrete patio settled after years of use? Do you want to apply a floor coating to the pool deck, but it’s cracked and uneven? Reach out to TSR Concrete Coatings for assistance with level your concrete surfaces. 

We do more than just apply concrete coatings to your floors and patios. We’re also a concrete lifting company that uses a process known as slab jacking to lift sunken concrete and level your surfaces again. Our process is fast and affordable compared to re-pouring concrete surfaces. Within a couple hours of us starting work you can start walking across that newly raised concrete again.

The Best Concrete Lifting Services in the Midwest

Our concrete technicians can come to your home to level your concrete surfaces no matter how far from the road or awkward the layout of the property. Our concrete lifting technologies are lightweight and mobile, allowing us to bring the necessary tools and polyurethane foam to your side yard, backyard, and basement. Even better, we can repair the crack after lifting and apply a durable concrete coating. The finished result is a beautiful, seamless concrete floor your family can enjoy again.

Concrete Leveling with Foam

When you hire TSR Concrete Coatings to level your concrete walkway, patio, driveway, or basement, we’ll do the job quickly. Our process is also non-invasive. There’s no need for demolition or to bring in heavy equipment and vehicles. We simply drill a few holes and inject a high-density polyurethane foam. 

A brief overview of our foam concrete leveling process:

  • Contractors drill multiple holes in the concrete slab and fit them with valves.
  • An expanding polyurethane foam is slowly injected into the concrete at each of these points.
  • As the slab rises, the contractor moves the injector from one point to another to ensure even results.
  • The injection valves are removed, and the holes are filled with concrete.
  • The contractor may also repair any cracked concrete to create a smooth surface.
  • A durable concrete coating is applied when the foam and concrete patches have cured.

Grab a Precise Concrete Lifting Estimate Today!

The costs of repaving a concrete surface are prohibitive for many homeowners. It’s why sunken slabs and cracked cement are overlooked in the first place. However, you can save money and get a restored surface with our concrete leveling company. 

Give TSR Concrete Coatings a call to speak with us about a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists. You can also fill out our online form to have us contact you. TSR Concrete Coatings is available to provide a concrete leveling cost estimate right away.