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Chip System

When it comes to the flooring in highly trafficked areas of your home, durability alone isn’t enough—you need beauty and style as well! To protect and beautify a wide variety of indoor and outdoor areas, TSR Concrete Coatings is proud to install resilient and aesthetically appealing chip system flooring. Though originally designed for garage floors, our systems are so much more than just garage floor coatings; they’re perfect for nearly any household, commercial, or industrial application. Designed for hassle-free installation in a single day, our innovative chip system flooring is quickly installed but built to last.

General Uses for Chip System Flooring

With its lightly textured surface and multifaceted granite look, chip system flooring is an especially popular choice for areas with high foot traffic, including garage floors and pool decks as well as commercial spaces like offices, showrooms, and retail stores. Wherever you have our floor specialists install your chip system flooring, you can count on an array of short- and long-term benefits:

  • Superior Adhesion: The innovative chemical formula of our garage floor coatings creates a permanent bond between the coating and the floor. You won’t have to worry about peeling or flaking.
  • Quick Curing: Our chip system coatings are specially manufactured for hassle-free application and single-day curing, and our installation crews are trained for efficient service.
  • Lasting Durability: Thanks to a beautiful high-gloss top coat and 100% polyurea construction, our garage floor coatings are resistant to both chemicals and abrasions.
  • UV Stability: An especially critical feature for the floors of pool decks and other outdoor areas is UV stability. Even after years in direct sunlight, our chip system coatings won’t deteriorate or degrade.

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