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Quartz System

When you’re managing a busy restaurant, large commercial space, or educational institution, the last thing you need to worry about is your flooring. But concrete floors that are subjected to heavy traffic, harsh chemicals, or strenuous labor tend to fail regularly—which only adds to the time, cost, and mental burden of regular building maintenance. For a floor that’s built to last under even the most challenging conditions, turn to TSR Concrete Coatings! In as little as one day, we can solve your floor problems with our scientifically formulated quartz system flooring.

General Uses for Quartz System Flooring

With an innovative slip-resistant design, quartz system flooring is uniquely well suited to locker rooms, dog kennels, commercial kitchens, and medical facilities—anywhere frequently exposed to water and chemicals or requiring an extra level of safety. Unlike standard concrete floors, quartz system flooring from TSR Concrete Coatings has been specially designed with the following long-term benefits in mind:

  • Strength: Made of 100% solids, our flooring is resistant to physical abrasions as well as chemicals like grease, oil, and acids. It’s also UV-stable and won’t degrade in sunlight.
  • Flexibility: Quartz system flooring is made to withstand changes in temperature without cracking or fracturing, an especially important quality in our Midwestern climate.
  • Adhesion: Our state-of-the-art formula guarantees strong and permanent adhesion to your floors, lengthening your floor’s lifetime and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Style: Unlike plain concrete, our flooring system comes in a variety of colors that are built right in to the floor itself. That means beautiful style without painting or staining!

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