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Shop Floor Polyurea

Whether a carpentry workshop, an automotive repair shop, or an industrial manufacturing plant, shop floors take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. In addition to withstanding the weight and impact of heavy machinery, shop floors must be easy to clean and safe for employee use. For flooring that meets all of these requirements and more, turn to the expertise of TSR Concrete Coatings! Unlike standard concrete flooring, our state-of-the-art polyurea floor finishes are built for durability, chemical resistance, and extended lifetimes. For any kind of shop floor, polyurea finishes from TSR Concrete Coatings are your best, longest-lasting choice.

General Uses for the Shop Floor Polyurea Flooring

Although shop floor polyurea flooring was designed with an industrial application in mind, its strength and durability make it ideal for any room exposed to water or chemicals—like locker rooms, pool decks, or showers. Its slip resistant finish and moisture resistance also work well for walk-in freezers and commercial kitchens. Regardless of your specific application, polyurea flooring comes with a host of benefits to improve workability and performance:

  • Made of 100% solids, our polyurea finish stays strong against chemicals and abrasions and is UV-stable to resist sun damage.
  • Our coating finishes are scientifically formulated for permanent adhesion without fracturing.
  • Unlike traditional concrete flooring, the consistently textured surface makes it safe for employees to walk and work on your shop floor.
  • Pre-tinted formulations offer consistently beautiful colors to match any shop design or manufacturing process.
  • The expert installers from TSR Concrete Coatings can finish your polyurea shop floor in a single day!

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