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Not every home renovation project can be completed by a DIYer. If you are looking at a refinishing your concrete floors, consider a professional like TSR Concrete Coatings . Rockford, IL homeowners and business owners have been amazed by our expert team that applies a range of concrete coatings to satisfy any demand. From durable surfaces for high-traffic floors to slip resistant pool patio coatings, our services won't break your budget and will leave you with beautiful results.

Durable Epoxy Concrete Coatings

There are few contractors as dedicated to providing high-quality epoxy concrete coatings as TSR Concrete Coatings. We have spent years learning how to skillfully apply these products for the most beauty, strength, and longevity. Our experience also means that we can install residential and industrial concrete floor coatings within as little as one day!

No matter where you want the floor coating installed, we'll also be able to provide the following features:

  • Great Product: Our floors are resistant to UV-rays, abrasions, chemicals, and heavy usage. They are even developed to work with extreme weather, such as remaining flexible in high temperatures to reduce warping and cracking.
  • Many Styles: Create a unique floor finish with one of our many color, texture, and finish options. Plus, our solid color epoxy products come pre-tinted to ensure an even consistency of color throughout.
  • Fast Installation: Our epoxy concrete coatings can be installed and ready to use within 24 hours! Even our other products are usable within 48 hours. Timing is not a problem!

For More Information About Our Rockford, Il Concrete Coatings

Whether you are refinishing the garage or a manufacturing floor, our concrete coating  services are a speedy solution to your needs. We can provide you with a highly resistant and attractive epoxy floor in just 24 hours. Find out more about TSR Concrete Coatings by filling out our online request form or calling for a free, no-obligation quote.