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For homes and businesses in the Quad Cities, concrete coatings from TSR Concrete Coatings are a smart investment in long-term value, style, and performance. As a trusted choice for installing top-quality concrete coatings with a quick, innovative process, we cut down on the time and cost involved with bringing new life into dated concrete floors.

Best of all?

Our floor coatings are manufactured by a leader in the industry, so you get the incredible results that you deserve backed by a long-term warranty on our floor coating finishes.

Concrete Floor Coating Options for Quad Cities Residents

Are you tired of living with dirty, stained, damaged concrete floors? Whether these floors are inside your home or in your outdoor living area, TSR Concrete Coatings can improve their strength and appearance fast. With a wide range of custom style options and superior durability, our residential floor coatings add value to your home at a budget-friendly price. 

Basement Floor Coatings

The basement is one place in your home that has a lot of potential-as long as you can get the space looking its best! That starts with the floors, and our basement floor coatings deliver. Whether you want a showroom-look or simply a durable, clean space that is easy to maintain, we can customize our concrete coatings to best suit the needs of your home. 

Garage Floor Coatings

Our concrete coatings are ideal for garages of all sizes-from small storage spaces to expansive workshops. Whatever you use your garage for, our garage floor coatings provide wall-to-wall coverage that is seamless, stylish, and incredibly durable, featuring resistance to impacts, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. 

Pool Deck Coatings

Slipping and tripping on a pool deck can quickly ruin your summer fun, so why not upgrade with concrete floor coatings from TSR Concrete Coatings?

We can install slip-resistant pool deck coatings that give bare feet extra traction, while our vast array of colors and finishes gives you the stand-out feature you want to keep your pool looking its best. 

Patio Floor Coatings

Your patio should be a space where you relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends, and a great patio starts with high-quality flooring. Instead of living with the dated, unwelcoming look of typical concrete, our patio floor coatings provide you with a showroom finish that withstands years of wear and tear from the elements-with minimal maintenance! 

Your Choice in Commercial Floor Coatings for Quad Cities

Whether you're looking for industrial concrete coatings or a solution for your storefront, TSR Concrete Coatings offers high-performance products. Built from innovative materials that hold up to extreme wear and tear, our commercial floor coatings provide the strength and easy upkeep you need to ensure that your operation runs smoothly. 

Showroom Floor Coatings

Every showroom needs beautiful floors-after all, the floor is what makes or breaks the look and feel of your space! With our showroom floor coatings, you get the impact that you want with the easy-to-clean, long-lasting surface you need. Available in a wide selection of color and chip options, our concrete coatings maximize the look of your facility. 

Salon Floor Coatings

From top to bottom, you want your salon to have "wow-factor" when a customer steps foot in the door. Salon floor coatings are an affordable, convenient solution to get the results that you need with your flooring upgrade. With one day installation and an impressive array of style to choose from, we can give you the new floor that your business deserves. 

Locker Room Floor Coatings

Are your locker room floors safe, functional, and stylish? If not, TSR Concrete is here to help! We can install locker room floor coatings with minimal impact on your business operation-leaving you with slip-resistant, modern floors that are ready for use in just 24 hours.  

Industrial Floor Coatings

If you're concerned about the strength and safety of your industrial floors, it's time to consider upgrading to the industrial floor coatings from TSR Concrete. Designed to offer incredible resistance to impacts, abrasions, and chemical spills, our coating systems provide you with the low-maintenance durability you need.  

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At TSR Concrete Coatings, we're here as your trusted full-service contractor-offering top-of-the-line concrete coatings that are professionally installed and affordably priced. To learn more about what we can do for your home or business, call today! You can also request a free quote and consultation appointment now by submitting our brief, online form.